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    Khanivor wrote:
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    Science has been a human organic process throughout our entire existence. Why do people consider it a modern ideology?
    One, it is not an ideology. Two, it actually has a distinct definition. Three, it is a process which was not solidified and practiced until a few hundred years ago. When you link the words science and discovery you really are leaving yourself no wiggle room.

    Now, you could say technology has influenced the waging of wars ever since someone figured out how to sharpen a stick but, while true, that wouldn't tie science into death and killing.

    While we are on the topic, warfare is what drives the development of weapons. Spend a few thousand years shooting arrows at people you don't like and eventually someone will figure out a different way of putting sharp sticks into people from a distance. When you consider that over the millenia, mankind only really markedly improved on the bow and arrow as a weapon of warfare two times, (the crossbow and longbow) then it's not really a massive flag to wave for any determination as to the reasons for technological advancement of warfare.

    Or, to draw an analogy: if I spend twenty years wiping my arse in only one direction then one day wipe it in two directions, the revelation that my arse gets cleaner is not a scientific fucking discovery.
    One, Agree
    Two, Hmmm
    Three Nope don't agree, Science has only been called 'science' for a few hundred years, if you consider it a process of experementation to achive a desired consistent result and test ideas using similar method, refining and refining until the truth or as close as can be reasonably achieved is known. Then the fact it is conducted these days largely on paper and computers with advanced quipment is irrelevant i.e. the 'traditional' view of scientific process. Humans have been experementing to achieve the best result then passing on the knowledge so that future generations can further refine technique with further experementation for millenia, separately from any outside influence from a 'god'. Sure god has had a lot of credit for successes, but do you really think we would have come as far as we have as a species without science in some form before gods arrived on the scene a couple of thousand years ago?
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