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    My parents got my brother and I an Atari something-or-other when I was four or five. I think it was a 130XE..? Or maybe 180XE. I can't remember, but it had Centipede and Chop Suey, as well as a ton of others I can't remember. So that was where it started; it must have been '88 or '89. So...

    Atari Whatever-it-was-called
    Sega Master System
    Sega Megadrive
    Super Nintendo
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Dreamcast
    PlayStation 2
    Nintendo GameCube
    Xbox 360
    PlayStation 3
    Nintendo Wii

    The first four were all joint Christmas presents, then my brother and I went separate ways, with him going Sony (so the PS1 and 2 were his) and me getting... all the rest. He had moved out by the time I got the NGC, so I went and bought myself a PS2 Slim at some point (about mid-2005).

    I've also had a fair few handhelds:

    Sega Game Gear
    GameBoy Pocket
    PS Vita

    And there's always a PC about, too.

    This is all over the span of about 25 years, but still... I think it's possible I spend too much on gaming.
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