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    Awww, got a cuddly email from my time on the 360 beta:


    You'll think I say that to all our Beta testers (I do), but it's true - you took a chance and blew us away with top-shelf feedback. You saw a small fraction of the final game, and in the case of console, put up with older code with issues that we already made fixes for in the launch release, but you also showed us a huge future for Defiance™.

    Now we look forward to showing you the real, more polished game while we act on your feedback to deliver continuous updates that improves our obsession. That's the beauty of a server-side game - constant updates that are fast like whoa.

    Enough rattling on. Thanks again - really - for putting in the hours to push us over the top. We look forward to living up to expectations and to delivering new missions, weapons, challenges and more. Free. Over and over again.

    Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson
    VP Development, Executive Producer and proud member of the 150-person Defiance team

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