#9378689, By Malignant The oldest factory sealed game you own (that you still plan to play)

  • Malignant 19 Feb 2013 09:41:04 89 posts
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    The idea of this topic was inspired by the Self-imposed ban on buying more games thread.

    I'm afraid I'm one of those gamers who has too little time to play games but can't resist a bargain when games on my hit list shoot down in price.

    However (as other people have mentioned on the other thread) due to lack of time the un-played games start to pile up, and the backlog just gets bigger and bigger.

    The other day I found a factory sealed copy of Arx Fatalis for the original Xbox. I forgot I had this game and thus I've decided to give it a go some time this week.

    So come on, own up. What games have you got in your backlog that's still factory sealed, which you plan to play but for whatever reason it never happens?

    P.S. I'm only interested in hearing from gamers (rather than collectors, as they usually have no intention of playing them).
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