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    Phattso wrote:
    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    You're not broadminded whatsoever, it's an event that only happens every 6-7 years.
    Let people enjoy their hobby FFS.
    I'm broadminded enough not to permaban you on sight for being, well, you. So that's something!

    Being spoon-fed press release content in real time isn't a hobby.

    Be excited for the announcement. Be excited about what's announced. But needing to actually watch it, at some later point and unspoiled, in realtime? Have. A fucking. Word.

    I don't even like my PS3 (almost felt relief when it finally died) but even I'm excited for the announcement. I'll be lapping up any info I can find on it in the morning. The thought of someone sitting there wanking themselves* into a realtime unspoilered frenzy fucking terrifies me.

    * wanking optional, and not the sole source of the terror
    Well I'll be working. So the idea is I come home, go to bed, if there's a video posted in the morning I can watch it (these things only come about like once a decade and I'm missing it). If there's no video I'll just check the EG homepage. It was just an idea.
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