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    HisDudness wrote:
    It's also hilarious that some guy who signs up to be a moderator on a video game hobbyist site, and has made over eleven-thousand posts while on the job, thinks he has the standing to make a newcomer feel like a giddy tit for wanting to watch a console announcement after the fact.

    Beggars belief.

    Run while you still can Feral, there have to be greener pastures out there.
    In order:

    1: I don't feel I have the standing to do anything. I have an opinion, being a mod doesn't effect that. If I were a staffer then of course I'd probably moderate (pun intended) my tone - but I'm not, so I just carry on being the sour faced miserable dick I've always been for the decade or so I've been posting on EG. Do feel free to complain though, and if EG would prefer I stop modding I'll happily do so. Then I'll come back and hound you.

    2: Whether it's Apple users, NeoGAF spackers or here I firmly believe that people that watch, in realtime and after the fact, such events are more than a little crazy. Life is very literally too short for that. I think wanting the information is natural, I want the information too, but totally in realtime the day after and from people with the presentation skills of a deformed stoat? Nah. And as has been pointed out, people that defective can just YouTube it.

    3: He's not a new user, if you hadn't been rage wanking your way through my posting stats and checking his you may have noticed. And clearly he has a thicker skin than most. Kudos to him, I say. Although the passive aggressive "this is the difference between EG and GAF" made him sound like more of a crazy than I already thought he was.

    4: Do feel free to avail yourself of the same greener pastures, you holier than thou little shitbag.

    Have a nice day.

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