#9386667, By Jeepers Why have the white British left London?

  • Jeepers 21 Feb 2013 13:55:05 16,499 posts
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    EuroStalker wrote:
    LeoliansBro wrote:
    My neighbours with flats above and below me in my house have access to my wifi. That's TWO houses I've helped, to your one. So I've just conslusively proved that London is twice as good at everything to whatever racist little england stone you crawled out from under and call home.
    Right, so someone brings up the importance of speaking and understanding a language and they are a racist.

    People like you, Jeepers, SClaw and Dirtbox remind me of the hippy white dude who runs off to all these anti-nazi, anti-racist marches to defend the rights of the minority and yet when a family with brown skin moves in next door, you are up in arms.
    Which is weird, because you remind me of an educationally subnormal cunt.
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