#9388342, By 4gate Why have the white British left London?

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    crispyduckman wrote:
    I went to Manchester for business and my client there put ice in his lager. Blew my fucking mind.
    Only way to get really, really cold lager without returning it to the fridge.

    I welcome all immigration, and may it continue until we help them reach our standard of living, or we hit theirs, I couldn't give a fuck either way, the West has grown rich (to a certain extent) by visting and ripping off the rest of the world, and now we say 'fuck off this is ours'. Aliens flying past would take one look and label the US and Western Europe as a bunch of sociopathically greedy fuckwits who need putting up against a wall.

    Which country has put soldiers in more foreign countries than any other? /waves Union Jack. I'd come here and get a job as a waiter and wank in the soup if I wasn't already from here.
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