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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    I built a PC a few months back after years of console gaming, being annoyed by elitist tosspots with PCs and with ideas of endless fucking about to get stuff to run.

    It sits in my living room, looks like AV equipment and is connected to a 50" Plasma and a wireless 360 controller.
    It's really easy, everything I've bought has been downloaded so no discs are used and everything cost a fraction of what it would on console, most games have cost me well under a tenner and every game so far supports the 360 controller.
    The graphical improvement is quite noticeable and playing every game without tearing and at 60fps makes a bigger difference than you'd imagine.
    It's like a 360 but with much, much better graphics and cheaper games.
    You can fanny about as much as you want with mods and stuff but most games run perfectly and easily, it's not *that* much different from a console except the hardware is more expensive and the games are cheaper.

    Whether you want to game on Sony, Nintendo, MS machines or a PC should come down to what games you want to play. If you like Sony exclusives get a Playstation, ditto Nintendo and MS, for everything else get a PC (If you want the best possible experience).

    BTW My PC is quieter and far less annoying than any of the consoles despite having a GTX670, 3570K, 8GB RAM etc.
    Cool Story bro.
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