#9395543, By Rivuzu Weirdos you've encountered

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    In Southend, we get more than our fairshare. London overflow maybe?
    Some local legends though... nothing beats Penny Picker Steve. A guy seen walking down the highstreet and also standing outside nightclubs, bucket in hand, high vis jacket, does nothing but walk around all day and pick up pennies dropped. Best thing, he's actually minted - proper minted. He's become such a local celeb that people invite him out with them and he gets treated like royalty. Mental.

    Also in Southend, saw a bunch of kids having a go at some guy coming out of a garage. They must've known him because they referred to each other by names... though, makes not much difference when he took off his prosphetic arm and started smacking them like it was a club.

    Oh, and in Yarmouth, there's some sort of strange busker... he plays music through a portable stereo, has a puppet on one hand, and just wiggles there like he's doing the longest running harlem shake ever. I actually lost twenty minutes of the day once just watching him, wondering if he'd take a break - he didn't.

    Only occurs to me in hindsight that he might've been having some sort of fit :l
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