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    Had some guy who played for our cricket club who was proper mental... when he first started playing he was young and odd, and just got progressively worse. He used to come out of the dressing room stark bollock naked during a match, not because he thought it was funny, just because he just wasn't with it. This was on a local park with families etc. around.

    Last time I saw him a couple of years back, I was walking down a street in town with lots of people around, and he was walking towards me, he threw a penny at a shop window in front of me and went into this whole "who through that at you??? hahaha who threw that penny???" thing with everyone watching, give me a big hug and everything. Then I heard last year that he committed suicide with a painkillers overdose. It's when that happened that I stopped laughing at crazy people... when you're young it's all funny, haha look at the crazy guy he's nuts! Then they kill themselves and you realise how severely depressed they must have been, they couldn't help the way they were, and thought it best just to end it. Tragic really :/
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