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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    I've wondered for a while now about the whole anti-gypsy thing (I'm assuming that was the group FuzzyDuck was talking about). It seems completely outlandish the stories that people tell about them as a bunch of child-abusing, jobless thieves, but the stories are so widespread, on an international scale, it's mind-boggling.
    And the stories aren't there without some credence. OK, we've had pop-culture reference them (Snatch, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, etc) but anyone who has come into contact with these travelling drossbags knows how it works. You just can't even communicate with them. Remember, this is a group of people choosing to grate against normal standards of living by staying in mobile homes, outside of the system of conventional rules that the rest of us have to adhere to, and receiving an extremely poor education for their children and future generations in doing so (This part isn't fluff. I live in Southend, but you probably saw the Saddlers Farm eviction on the news last year? That was down the road to me. Well, they didn't move far, they're just a few fields over now, but the kids from this camp attend the one primary school - which is about to be put into special measures because of the sudden influx of children who can barely read, write or do basic tasks).

    I can stand most people, but this group I cannot stand. I'm with Fuzzy on this one.
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