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    FuzzyDuck wrote:
    Apologies if I offended anyone. I know tarring everyone (and I'm referring to specifically Irish travellers, as they are the ones I've had contact with) with the same brush is bad form, but opinions are shaped on your experiences, and my experiences with these people are all negative. Their only contribution to society is a drain on resources and are at best a headache, at worst a genuine threat to normal, hardworking people.

    Me saying 'sink the lot of 'em' is an overreaction, I was pretty pissed off at the time, keyboard warrior and what have you. How about they get an island for themselves somewhere as they don't want to be functioning members of this society, and most people I know would be happy to see the back of them.

    And I'm sure if anyone had a bunch move next door to them their first response wouldn't be "can't wait to meet the new neighbours!".
    Just ask yourself would you say this about black people? Or how the Polish took ouuuurrrrrr jeeerbs?
    I get that some of them do not help their image BUT there are a lot more that are perfectly decent people. It's my wife's job to work with their communities and get their kids into school.
    I think what I'm trying to say is don't be a racist douche.

    Those YouTube videos of the fight threatening Irish travellers are funny though :-)
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