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    General tips for newbies- when foraging in Moga Woods, leave virtually everything at home bar a few bug nets, pick axes, a BBQ spike, maybe a trident. Leave room for collecting lots of stuff.

    Mix up your ingredients as you go to save space.

    The most important early cocktail you can make is the mega-potion- mix a herb with a blue mushroom for a potion, then honey (forage under any beehive- there in one directly opposite the entrance to the first area, behind that herbivore herd) with a potion for a mega potion.

    In one trip, you can easily make ten mega-potions, plus ten potions, plus come back with ten herbs, blue mushrooms and honey for your box in your house.

    Get used to dumping stuff you don't need- if you aren't a gunner, insect husks can be dumped etc.

    Another early combo- make a net from spiders web (from the beehive) and ivy (the blue plant growing in that first main area). Buy a trap tool from the trader, and combine it with the net to make a pitfall trap. This will give you valuable time to pile on the damage against big monsters. Always take one when heading out to fight a big beastie.

    YOu can only carry one pitfall trap at a time. But nothing is stopping you carrying more trap tools and nets to make more traps on the fly There are also shock traps (thunder bug+ trap tool), barrel bombs and paintballs (for telling you where a monster is if you don't have the 'psychic' skill, i.e. on hunter armour), farcasters (for teleporting to the camp), all common hunter tools, but we can chat about those later on, take it easy to start with and master the tools you have, you'll be a pro in no time

    Always prepare your kit for the quest- get used to spending a few seconds doing it every time.
    Going out to forage for mushrooms? Dump everything you don't need.
    Going out to fight? You'll need whetstones, potions and steak. A pro hunter can beat anything with the map, mini-whetstone, ration and Medkit in the quest supplies box, but rookies should go prepared!

    When you return to the village from foraging, start building your stocks. Put those well-done steaks and mega-potions in your box, and leave them there. Stockpile for later, get in the habit of preparing more every time you go out on a simple quest. If you are carrying 10 well-done steaks, you are good for one quest but aren't thinking like a campaigning hunter. Stash those steaks. Make more. Soooo tasty!

    Put everything from your pouch in the box in the house (don't get confused and put in the gunners pouch by mistake if you are a blade user), that will let you see what your options are for combining stuff.

    Learn to use the farm, it'll make things much easier, and also don't be afraid to explore the city, even if you don't want to tackle its quests yet, you can make good use of the shops- you can buy stuff there that you would have to prepare yourself at home if you can spare the cash and are short on time.

    One more tip- your box will end up full of all kinds of stuff, that all goes on page 1 (and then 2 etc) when you put it there.. Dedicate one page (I always choose page 6, accessible with one tap of 'l') as your 'go page', and store all of your most-used items there, for ease of finding when you need them. All of my potions, steaks, antidotes, traps, bombs, pickaxes, bug nets, farcasters, dung bombs (for fighting off wyverns that maul you) and paintballs (plus any spare materials for making them) live there, as they are easy to find and allow me to see exactly what I have and what I need to prepare more of at a glance.

    I like it when an urgent quest comes up and I can calmly stroll to my house, look at my supplies, and prepare for the hunt accordingly without worrying about what I am short of.

    Antidote = Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
    (for curing poison)

    Barrel Bomb L = Large Barrel + Gunpowder
    (for putting next to sleeping monsters- set ot off with a paintball or small stone!)

    Bomb Casing = Iron Ore + Sap Plant
    Bomb Casing = Stone + Sap Plant
    (for making lots of cool tools with)

    Cool Drink = Ice Crystal + Bitterbug
    (for keeping you from overheating in the volcano)

    Dung Bomb = Dung + Bomb Casing
    Dung Bomb = Dung + Bomb Sac
    (for fighting off monsters that maul you)

    Energy Drink = Honey + Nitroshroom
    (replaces energy, similar to a well-done steak)

    Farcaster = Exciteshroom + Bomb Casing
    (returns you to the camp, use when low on life to bug out and heal)

    Flash Bomb = Flashbug + Bomb Casing
    (can stun some monsters)

    Gun Powder = Fire Herb + Nitroshroom
    (for making bombs)

    Hot Drink = Bitterbug + Hot Pepper
    (stops you freezing in the snow)

    Max Potion = Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
    (does what it says on the tin)

    Mega Bug Net = Monster Bone M + Net
    Mega Pickaxe = Machalite + Ore Bone

    Mega Potion = Potion + Honey
    (good potion for simple resources)

    Net = Ivy + Spider Web
    (for pitfall traps)

    Paintball = Sap Plant + Paintberry
    (for tracking monsters and setting off bombs)

    Pitfall Trap = Net + Trap Tool

    Potion = Herb + Mushroom

    Shock Trap = Thunderbug + Trap Tool

    Sonic bomb= screamer+gunpowder
    (for shocking monsters vulnerable to sound/vibration)

    You'll also need tranquilliser, mix with bomb casings for tranq bombs to capture monsters you've trapped.

    Tips by Sunjumper:
    Don't be afraid to ask questions here or look up tips and trick in the internet. The game is not that hard to learn but it isn't very good at explaining things.

    While the writing of most of the dialogue in the village is sleep inducing (though the story and characters have their charm) especially in the begining they are full of helpful and important hints.
    Do not rush through them, pay attention, this will save you a lot of grief. Sometimes really important things are mentioned once in a throw away sentence.

    Before even starting a proper mission feel free to try out all the weapon types. Then chose two or three that you like the feel of and stick to them. Mastering them is a lot of work and leveling your equipment up will become very grindy later on if you have to much equipment wanting your love.

    I would say try to vary your weapon choices so that you can switch strategies according to your enemies but that would make me a bit of a hypocrite. Follow your taste and instinct.

    For the start you may want to stay away from the ranged weapons. They are great and a gunner or bowman in multiplayer is always very helpful. But when starting out and/or playing solo these weapons are much harder to get to grips with and you will have the added hassle of having to craft ammo.

    And a last tip.
    The Hunters armour that will be avilable early on in the game will be your best friend for a long while. It is well rounded has nice bonus effects and when constantly upgraded scales pretty well as the game progresses.
    Most other armour types tend to excell in some areas while failing in others.
    Again this is a matter of taste. But until you find your groove the Hunters armour will be a good friend and companion.

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