#9399624, By bad09 Do you see any games from this gen achieving "classic" status?

  • bad09 26 Feb 2013 17:38:17 8,211 posts
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    Lots of great games this gen but honestly I can't think of much this gen I will look back in years to come as a "classic". Even a next gen GTA wasn't as memorable as last gens, it's been both a great but mediocre generation personally.

    It'll make blood boil but the only thing I can actually think of is COD2/MW1 (it wasn't so hated back then!), like it or not they were genre defining online shooters for this gen it's why Acti can sell it again and again and everyone else copies them.

    At a stretch Crysis 1 as this gen? It was 2007 but I guess in this console gen timeframe and they only got it a year or so ago, that's a classic for sure.

    Other than that I'm struggling, like I said lots of great games but not many I will look back on in years to come like previous generations.
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