#9400519, By richardiox Do you see any games from this gen achieving "classic" status?

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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    richardiox wrote:
    If nobody gave a shit the forum would have turned into gamefaqs type fuckry years ago.

    As for the ignore button, I'd miss out on the brilliant and often inspired counter-trolling.
    Nonsense, if people just used the ignore button the place would still have all the forum qualities and be far more civilised and less nasty.

    Basically you don't want to use the ignore button because you like dishing out abuse and arguing with people on the internet.
    Trust me Ecosse, I'd much rather Higgins and Vizzini did a "you" and toned their shit down than find myself compelled to argue (fruitlessly) with them. It's how it was for everyone else with you back in the day "Nintendo are great, everything else is shit and I will not be told or accept otherwise".
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