#9403033, By bart64 Mario Kart: Gold Rush (not a real game)

  • bart64 27 Feb 2013 19:37:12 8 posts
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    That's an interesting idea. Keeping the second player involved is a difficult task, and this would definitely give them something to do. I'm not sure that the shop/trade tasks would work so well in real time but maybe this can be applied to a pit stop mechanic, which would also help tie this into the racing theme. The second player can keep tabs on the course and the condition of the car, then direct the driver to the pit and perform some timed touch screen maneuvers to upgrade the car appropriately--while getting screamed at by the driver to hurry up!

    I'm not sure it would work marketing and production wise unless there was a way to translate it to single player and sell it as the main feature, which seems easy enough as the touchscreen is available while driving with the gamepad. I like the concept and the nice presentation. I hope this kind of innovation becomes the norm for WiiU titles.
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