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    Does it not worry you that a person in a position of power strongly believes and willingly defends a story of unequivocal nonsense?
    That sort of statement always makes me chuckle.

    So I assume you believe the sun is bigger than the earth, right? And what scientific proof do you have of that - personally? Have you ever tested that belief, personally, or are simply going on knowledge provided to you by others? I thought so...

    That was a silly example off the top of my head, but for the majority of people empirically proving that basic fact is pretty much impossible. You just trust the science. It’s not so very different from faith when you strip it back.
    Do you know why I trust science over religion? Because science freely admits when it's wrong and changes in accordance with new findings. Science has nothing to gain from lying to me, whereas if, heaven forbid, religion were to be revealed as bullshit (I mean, more than now), they'd lose billions!
    Ahaha… ahaha… eh… no…

    Ask anyone working in research science whether they bullshit their figures sometimes and the resounding answer is yes. Suppression of false results, false positives and other unpleasant data is HUGE problem in published papers. The scientific journals are also pretty scandalous in their behaviour, because they hate publishing “negative” result papers and many, far too many, are driven by their connections to big companies (particularly in the medical fields). I mean… those big pharma companies would lose billions if they got bad press. But that’s another topic.

    You use the word religion as a catch-all phrase there. I must point that while, yes, many religions are like that… not all are the same. There are progressive faiths out there.
    I've read some of Ben Goldacre's stuff on medical research and it has massive problems. Commercial interests corrupting the scientific method basically.

    But science is generally self correcting, although sometimes slowly. You have to be in complete denial to think that science does not generally trend towards progress. Even in medical research the good outweighs the bad. The efficacy of modern medicine proves this
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