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    I'm annoyed at myself for having taken two days off in the past year, having gone over two years without being ill. Both were genuine, but there were no staff at the time. I went back to work far too early the second time I was ill, but being the first to turn up in the morning for a support role, I feel a little extra pressure to be there and to be on time.

    I think on average I take one day off a year. I suppose that's not bad. I do wish I could still walk to work though. I consistently felt better. It's just not practical to get to my current office other than by car.

    I think we're allowed three instances of absence per quarter or up to twelve days per year before they look to investigate, but they'll usually be good about it if there's a discernible reason. That said, a colleague of mine got a written warning for having cancer, although that could be because my boss is ignorant.

    I want my current job with my old boss.
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