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    Graveland wrote:
    There was a "cheat" printed years ago in a Playstation magazine for Tomb Raider where if you made Lara jump to the rhythm of "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls after a short while disco lights would appear in the game and she'd start stripping. Me and an old school chum tried for ages to do it correctly because the magazine declared that it had to be executed perfectly to work. No matter how much we tried we just couldn't seem to do it. Turns out it was an April's Fool gag We felt like a right pair of 'nanas.

    I'm pretty sure it was CVG. When Tomb Raider 2 came out, they did another version, where they basically apologised for the first one, but they said you really can get Lara naked by tapping to "Under the Bridge" by All Saints whilst on the bed in the mansion. It too was an April Fool's gag.
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