#9428221, By mumtoucher Huge retro game collection.

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    Everything was stored in the boxes they were delivered in, which is a result so no discolouring. You would not believe the condition it's like they came out of the factory yesterday. The megadrive 32x is rediculous can't be any BNIB of those left surely? and all the games are like they came from the shop yesterday. To be honest I'm tempted to take the sealed GameCube as my cut. But we'll see how much money this all sells for. It's really quite a daunting task but like I said previously I'm signed off work until April so have a ton of time on my hands.

    Gonna use a separate bank account yeah. Good idea.

    He still has all the current stuff. 2 x 360's 2 x Wii U's tons of games. I ask him why he does it but he's just like that, can't explain it really. Serious OCD. Sort of guy who covers all his stuff under plastic sheets - you know the type?
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