#9474881, By mumtoucher Huge retro game collection.

  • mumtoucher 29 Mar 2013 17:46:36 513 posts
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    U guys should see some of the other stuff he's unearthed....boxed mint 1st gen megadrive and megacd + 20 games (all mint) another dreamcast and n64 too (both BNIB's), its crazy.

    Brand new sealed ps2 (original and slim) around 50 absolutely mint ps2 games - lots of classics too.

    PSone + 30 games (many classics)

    it beggars belief - I'm going to root through the loft next week, I determined I'll find a load of snes stuff, maybe more..... fingers crossed quadfather - if I find anything I will let you now, I'll let u have sensible prices as a fellow EGer too - as long as you promise not to sell on ;-D
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