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    Just a question really. I was also thinking of getting rid of my gamecube and N64. I wanted to sell each console separately but as a job lot with all controllers and games, just to save time and in (the rather na´ve) hope that a genuine collector buys it and cherishes it, as opposed to a dealer that will just break it up.

    But I have some stuff that is quite valuable and a bit niche - so on the N64 I've got some Japanese treasure shooters for example. Do you think it's better to just risk it for a biscuit and sell it all in one or break up the collection? I saw the website for sealed games but is there one that advises how much second hand ones are worth, or is it best to just check on ebay.

    Any advice from people that have done the same would be welcome. If anybody is interested in buying, let me know. The gamecube, for example, has the twenty highest scoring games on metacritic (sports titles excluded). I hope that doesn't come across as a shameless plug, like I said I would just rather a genuine gamer could take it all than some dealer that will just break it up for profits.
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