#10515277, By Flightrisker Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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    VANGUARD-CAT wrote:
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    That's a pretty poor view to take
    "I believe it's the status quo therefore I shouldn't have to prove my point"
    But it's ridiculous to have to explain to anyone that a) sexism exists, and b) it's pretty much designed to benefit guys.
    I'm not saying sexism doesn't exist. I'm saying men and women are both equally effected by it. Just in different ways.

    Designed to benefit guys? What are you talking about? Seriously?
    This is some kinda joke right? I mean sexism is against women. Sure there are issues of blowback where a patriarchal expectation of women (to be the child-rearer for example) can have a perceived negative effect on men (lower % of custody battle wins) but this is a effect not an intended outcome of anti-men sexism.

    I mean just try to think about when you heard about a country getting it's first male president, or then year when men were allowed to vote, or when men first started to have jobs outside the home etc. Women had to fight constantly to have human rights. Less than 100 years ago women in the UK couldn't vote. Do you think that just goes away over night?
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