#10515296, By Flightrisker Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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    Widge wrote:
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    Widge wrote:
    I just find it sad. When you look at films, they evolved over time and haven't really seemed to have caused a big fuss for doing so.
    Not necessaily: film criticism was a huge vehicle for feminist theory back in the day, it was a process it had to go through to start to mature too.
    Did it have such a backlash? I've not really noted this. Am I being naive here?

    Although I suppose, looking at the best director oscar winners list, there is still a ceiling to be broken though. I think I note a single female on that list.
    Film still has a loooong way to go but that's a topic for another thread really. [Not saying shut up, more-so "don't get me started! :) ]
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