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    They're just video games dude, they're primarily lowest common denominator entertainment and not worth wasting effort to moralise over.
    But surely you can step away from that enough to realise that you only feel that way because it is catering to you. Fair enough if you wanna say "ah fuck it, I'm alright" but don't you have any gay/non-white or female people you like in your life? I mean no one's asking you to march in the streets or anything, all you have to do is go "yeah, things are pretty unbalanced, people changing that it good".
    Is it catering to me? Like I said, I don't even play macho-shoot-fest games. I can't say anyone I know has ever mentioned to me that they have any real issue with the portrayal of women/homosexuals/furries or whatever in games.

    I think maybe most people don't think it's as big a problem as you do.

    You as in men.

    The fact that you lump women, gay people and furries into one group kinda shows the issue here.
    are you fukken retarded son? I was talking about the groups you generally are referring to as being badly represented, so obviously I'm not talking about while males aged 18-45. You really are on a crusade.

    You've missed my point completely.
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