#10517460, By Flightrisker Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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    Tonka wrote:
    dirtysteve wrote:

    How many times does this have to be clarified before it sinks in? She made two unreconcilable claims.

    1. previous to FemFreq "Im not a gamer and don't know much about it"
    2. When looking for funding to FemFreq "Im a lifelong gamer with a passion for it"
    Surely you must realize that those two statements have zero impact on the examples of tropes she is showing in her video.

    A valid criticism would be if she had faked all the footage. That no (or at least an overwhelming majority) of the actions she's showing can be reproduced.

    You do understand this don't you? Whether or not she's a gamer is completely irrelevant to the point she is making.

    If she made a series called "I am a life long gamer" then what you are bringing up would indeed be incriminating.

    Do you understand the difference between those two scenarios and why you criticism has zero impact on the videos she is making?
    It's like they looked up "Ad hominen" and went, "yeah, that sounds like a good strategy".
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