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    ecureuil wrote:
    She needed $150,000 for this? It's not bad, but people are producing things as good as this for nothing but their free time. There's nothing wrong with it, but I didn't feel like I learnt anything from watching it.
    Gaming narrative, in its infancy, relied on and reinforced negative archetypal roles of gender. That's the 20 minute video summed up on one sentence.

    Cinema was the same, as was literature. You see a regression now and again - Resident Evil for example, Jill Valentine to Claire Redfield to the utterly useless Ashley Whatsherface, but so what?

    You can say these tropes (I fucking hate that word) are "toxic" all you want, but you're completely underestimating the audiences power to realise fiction here; Anita played these games in her youth and obviously hasn't grown up to be a damsel in distress, so why would any other woman?

    These games are fantasy, generally male developers creating for males. You have exactly the same situation happening in Twilight, which is far more toxic because it's encouraging women that it is okay to be fucking boring and useless as a person, ala Bella Swan.

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