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    Nanocrystal wrote:
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    CosmicFuzz wrote:
    So it's not ok to have a woman in distress but it's ok to have a man going around killing everything? Where is the fair and proper representation either way?
    That's a fair point.

    Feminism - "Why do I have to wait at the finish line, I want to kill people too!"

    Nobody - not in films, literature, documentaries, fucking home videos - gets a real representation because it's impossible to do so.
    So we can't talk about sexism and women in video games in a thread called "Sexism and Women in Video Games" on a video game forum because there's discrimination in other media?
    I don't think anybody said that in the slightest.

    Like seriously, I honestly don't understand how you came to that conclusion. Stupider still, you aren't even trying to talk about the things that you are bitching about not being able to talk about.

    Some people, eh?

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