#9425400, By GuiltySpark Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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    The finish line thing was in response to CosmicFuzz's suggestion that neither gender is portrayed well.

    If you feel like males are portrayed in a positive light, which it's safe to assume that this woman does feel that way (and if she doesn't then she really should have mentioned it) then it's fairly baffling as most males are killing machines within games, which is a much greater problem.

    Take the Double Dragon clip for example, the woman gets punched in the stomach and then dragged away = women are passive, males are active. But it's nowhere near as clear cut as this, because males are seen as aggressive thugs - but no mention is made of this (from what I remember anyway).

    The argument is one sided, and that's a simple problem which she shouldn't make.

    This is a critique of the video itself, not the argument in general btw.

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