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    thedaveeyres wrote:
    On the perceived lack of balanced argument: Historically a large proportion of games involving a character in peril conform to the damsel in distress trope, and this is also the defined scope of the study. She mentions that in episode two she will be looking at games that subvert this trope - it'll be a short look I expect as they're aren't many. I see no cherry picking here, only focus on the subject matter. What would be the point in devoting time to subgenres where the trope isn't as apparent: ie. Racing games (even then.... Outrun. Driver is male, female is the passenger who provocatively spills from the car when you crash. See? She could even make an argument in many of the non-sexualised sub-genres).
    I mentioned earlier:

    "Take the Double Dragon clip for example, the woman gets punched in the stomach and then dragged away = women are passive, males are active. But it's nowhere near as clear cut as this, because males are seen as aggressive thugs - but no mention is made of this (from what I remember anyway).

    The argument is one sided, and that's a simple problem which she shouldn't make."

    I understand the focus of the video and whatnot, but it's just something that stood out to me. To me at least, you can't mention one without the other.
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