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    Widge wrote:
    The only distinct female leads I can think about, that fall outside of the sextoy/please save me/sassy lady tropes, are GlaDOS and FemShep.
    Surely there are lots more. How about Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, April and Ze from Dreamfall, Madison Paige from Heavy Rain, Elena Fischer from Uncharted, and Chell from Portal?

    Arguably also Yuna from FFX, Zelda from Ocarina of Time, Samus from Metroid, The Boss from MGS3, Alyx Vance from Half-Life, Faith from Mirror's Edge...

    The latter comes across as one of the best female leads in a game as she delivers a script that was meant for a man.
    Really? Surely BioWare were aware that the option of playing as a female would be included when the script was written? Or do you have evidence to the contrary?

    To me it seems as if the script is carefully written to work for both genders...

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