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    And Terminator? In T1 she is LITERALLY a damsel in distress.
    She's not really. It's set up that way, but she contributes to her own survival, and in the end is the one that actually succeeds.
    Fine, but she still plays second fiddle to her male costars.

    All I'm saying is that when you think of Terminator, you think of Arnie.
    That could be because the movie is named after him and he is in fact the main antagonist. Linda Hamilton is the main character of that movie and she is by no means a weak damsel in distress. She is emotional and even hysterical at first but that is more to do with the fact that her life is torn from underneath her by a killer robot assassin from the future. An event that Im sure would test every person bar the most paranoid of people.

    Anyway, this whole video series is a bit laughable. Trying to apply feminist theory to a medium whose stories are usually well lower in priority than a lot of the other parts of its art is a bit much. If characters are one dimensional, than that just reflects poorly on the author of the story rather than any supposable bias they may have against women as a whole. A better look would be if you play a game as a female character and the gameplay is altered to reflect a supposed limitation of the female form.
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