#9470291, By JinTypeNoir Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

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    No, I'm saying if that provides if male power fantasies provide catharsis through those tropes because it contains masculine qualities that you described, are those masculine qualities by definition because they are biologically true or because they are definition provided by society based on a traditional view of masculinity in a certain culture? If it is the latter, then it stands to reason that if those power fantasies do provide that catharsis, the next good step would be to take the gender out of the fantasy and make it applicable to both genders. If it is the former, then we have the problem of providing equal opportunities for women to indulge in equivalent female power fantasies that are relevant to them.

    This involves entangling the hard question whether masculine definitions are biological facts or sociological norms that are not necessarily hard written in males.

    BTW and this is completely unrelated to you, Dangerous Dan, so don't think I'm harping on you in any way, have you ever seen the thread about this on NeoGAF?

    It's...really something.
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