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    My current idea on this.

    There are masculine qualities and there are feminine qualities. Some may overlap and some are maybe represented in both but in a different fashion.
    The reason why they are called masculine and feminine qualities is because the one is predominantely present in males and the other in females. I don't think that this is because of a social construct with its origin today. It is two roles, two biological roles which evolved over many millenias.

    Is the behaviour of a male/female animal a social construct or biological in nature - for me it is the biological, meaning it is for the biggest part encoded in the genes.

    Thus I think an average boy which were to be raised as a girl would still have a masculine psychology. But I don't want to speak in absolutes. So, let's say you have the absolute male who is 100% masculine and on the other spectrum is the female who is 100% feminine - these are absolutes which aren't a reality in the physical world.

    In reality I think that a man is usually between 50 to 100% masculine, the rest of him being feminine. A woman is usually between
    50 to 100% feminine and the rest being masculine. So on average a guy is about 75% masculine and 25% feminine while the other way around for the average woman.

    The environment factors into the development of biological males and females. I'd say we live in a world where masculine qualities are less and less desirable. A high population density, which is increasing, requires more feminine qualities from a person. Isn't in Japan the phenomenon of the 'Herbivore men' on the rise. To me that's a coping mechanism for males in a very highly structured, ordered, high density society. If a man has rather low amount of masculine qualities then he'll be integrated into current societies rather easily. If he has rather a lot of it then he may become an aggressive radical element, like a criminal or he could go the other route and become withdrawn - social alienation and things like that.

    You may read up on John B. Calhoun and his rodent experiments with high population density. Fascinating social things are happening.
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