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    I have to say that where I am and what I have been through so far is like 20 times better than what you go through at the start.You have to pinch yourself that this is F2P.The music and audio is great.Going through one dungeon the evil boss female voice echos down the tunnel with "Do I make your blood boil?"

    There is one nasty surprise which makes you jump when you first experience it in a dungeon.Lots of traps to.I was beginning to think that my Cleric was overpowered but he is really on the edge a lot now.And he died 3 times in what seemed like just an average burial mound.But it had two bosses,The Widowmaker with a huge sword which dealt 50% damage with one swing,and another boss with AOE and raises zombies from the floor.They both hit you at the same time.And that is only one of a number of mounds you have to clear on one mission.

    As to spending real money,depends how deeply you want to get into it.I have gotten pretty far without the need to spend real money.The only thing is inventory space.It depends whether you are willing to wait and naturally unlock something or get it early.

    I put money in only because I was enjoying the game so much, more so than money I thew at some AAA retail games.I bought a 24 slot bag,just because I did not want to keep sorting my goods out.Because like I said I am knee deep in loot.And some keys for the unlock chests.

    So my Cleric throws a chain spell that immobilizes with AOE then sends out a circle of healing/damage spell.Then can cast an AOE spell that throws enemies up in the air and crushes them to the ground.His general attack is throwing beams of holy energy and a relic that fires a beam of either healing or damage blue rays.
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