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    I went for it last weekend: 2nd hand Vita + 2nd hand 4Gb + Everybody's Golf + Virtua tennis + Oddworld + Lumines = just over 200. Great value and (alongside the PSP classics like Everybody's Tennis and GofW) I think I'll be ok for a few months. Beautiful screen, perfect size and weight. I cannot see anything wrong with its ergonomics. And its front-end, responsiveness and UI could put most Android-based systems to shame.

    Having said all that, bless you Sony: only they could cripple a great system with the size/price of a proprietary memory card. In a genius move, this acts as both a barrier to entry (how much for 16GB?!) AND as a barrier to people actually buying stuff from Sony's online store. Give these guys a promotion.
    The argument that the memory card is a weapon against piracy just doesn't make sense: if/when Vita becomes successful, piracy will happen one way or another. The solution is not punishing honest consumers, but to make their lives so unproblematic and convenient, that piracy becomes a hobby for a small minority of hard-core weirdos (see the success of iOS in this respect).

    I have zero evidence to support this, but I bet that in a couple of years the Vita will be able to accept MicroSD in some fashion; alongside a slightly better battery, improved camera and a "video out" functionality, the Vita could become a real player.
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