#9456145, By SomaticSense Why is there still no major console based MMORPG?

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    speedofthepuma wrote:
    Does anyone here play them? I've tried WoW but never got far, it just seemed incredibly shallow.
    I've tried to get into them and understand their popularity via hours worth of Youtube playthrough vids from the likes of the Yogscast and their ilk, but have only ever come up with one conclusion:

    Make an MMO that isn't an unpolished, confusing, poorly controlling, grindfest with (almost without exception) dreadful graphics and UI, and unimaginative character design seemingly targetted solely towards 14 year olds, and I'd be interested.

    Even Guild Wars 2 which had been lauded for it's polish looks like a turd when compared to more traditional RPGs gameplaywise (although it's definitely the closest I've come to being tempted by one). even Bioware with it's massively expensive The Old Republic looked utter shit as an actual game as opposed to a 'social experience'.
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