#9470351, By mukki DLC question DE gamer with UK games and US psn account

  • mukki 27 Mar 2013 15:01:15 44 posts
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    yes yes I know...
    complicated, why am I using an American psn account as my main profile while living in Germany...
    to be honest I forgot, I think it was something to do with the psn language setting etc...
    but who knows..

    Anyways, for the last year I have been getting games from the UK because they are in English, uncut and usually cheaper than their German versions.

    My question is...
    I was thinking of maybe getting the Dead space 3, Dishonoured and Bioshock infinite DLCs
    (yes I know the DS3 one got crappy reviews..) do I need to get these from the UK psn store?
    or can I use the DE store which would be easier (for the UK one I would need to buy UK credits on ebay)

    I am asking since a while back (on my now defunct 360) I bought DLC from the German store for my UK game and suddenly I had characters speaking in German (with no way to change it)

    Any tips here?
    Thanks you in Advance!
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