#9473530, By Anthony_UK Future of single player games - Worrying

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    I think at least part of the problem is how the devs market there games. The live action and CGI trailers are for the most part a waste of money. Who actually see's them outside of the hardcore who venture onto sites like this.

    The Halo 4 mini series again was top stuff IMO, but I'm the only person out of my group of friends who actually watched it and even then it wouldn't have had any impact as to whether I bought the game or not.

    The problem I feel is that because games have become so mass market, the great unwashed are just wary or have no idea what games to buy outside of the big name games. These are 40 games that in turn cost millions to make and to give an example, Metal Gear Rising was a game that some of my friends were half aware of from the TV advertising, but other than that they were oblivious, with little to no interest in finding out more or even looking for a demo.

    I'm not really sure what my point is, but I think one of the main things the new consoles should try and do is promote new games better. When you turn that box on,give people the nudge to try something else before everything becomes a 3rd person shooter or Call of Duty.
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