#9477133, By EMarkM TES 6: what do you want it to be?

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    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    Dunno if a middle eastern environment would appeal. Be a bit dull, nothing but sand imo.
    As opposed to the "just snow" of Skyrim? Personally I'd love a desert-themed game.

    Regarding multiplayer, mentioned above: no. Not for me, thank you. Not even as an option, which could potentially take some of the budget and creativity away from the main game.

    Oblivion Gates. Hated them. Found them to be dark and depressing. Nothing like this again, please. Even the dragons of Skyrim have started to get on my nerves when they randomly turn up as I am trying to either do something important, complex, or just trying to relax.

    Less fighting, deeper and more involved characters? Yes please! Less-generic story lines, fewer repeated dungeons. More uniqueness, more depth and creativity. More immersion. More unique dialogue.
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