#9477166, By JoeBlade TES 6: what do you want it to be?

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    HurbleBurble wrote:
    First off, level scaling. GTFO. For a balanced world there needs to be things that are weak and things that are strong. It gives a sense of progression, of a character evolving and for attributes and exploration to actually have a point.
    I'm not convinced of that anymore to be honest. I hated the scaled levels in Oblivion with a passion but I like the Skyrim approach, although it can do with further refining.
    If scaling's not purely linear proportional to the player's level and not equally distributed across the land I think it can work just fine.

    I do see benefits to not having purely fixed level NPC's in a large, open world now.
    For instance: certain fights being epic no matter what level you are rather than having to funnel players into linear progression at specific points to ensure their level is capped when they engage those enemies.
    Through their rose-tinted glasses older players don't tend to see it anymore but the latter's exactly what classics like Baldur's Gate did.
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