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    Khanivor wrote:
    I think Apple have now baked-in a schism between their native apps and those from the rest of the development world.
    Nah, only shit developer aped the Apple style anyway. Any apps worth a damn had their own look and feel that only broadly worked in the context of iOS. The legion of fuckwads who just aped the tab-bar-on-bottom-content-on-top-with-nav-bar style will get a free and automatic upgrade to the iOS7 style because they're using the foundation classes anyways.

    Business as usual pretty much, for developers and apps.

    Some nice new libraries came along with iOS7 though. Much better adhoc networking, physics and sprite engine (gotta be the start of a push into the TV space), and a bunch of other nice things.

    Can't say I'm a fan of the slow transitions either, although they are nice the first few times. I was disappointed that the fingerprint sensor upgrade in iOS7 didn't work on my 4S though. Gutted. ;)
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