#9486679, By Widge The Next Xbox will decide Microsoft's entire fate, and I'm not sure they even know it...

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    oceanmotion wrote:
    Anyway, MS are changing, all the hate Windows 8 and RT get, people don't seem to realise, they have to do this or roll over and die.
    Oh and this. I really see traditional desktop boxes or towers going the way of the dodo... or at least the niche enthusiast. Except the enthusiasts see technology going in a direction which doesn't suit them and are getting in a tizz about it. Cue lots of "I'm glad I made the switch to Linux" etc.

    The people moaning are the very people who don't seem to realise that very soon your PC won't be something that is tethered to a desk anymore, it is a unit that you will carry about with you.
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