#9487081, By Concrete The Next Xbox will decide Microsoft's entire fate, and I'm not sure they even know it...

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    SomaticSense wrote:
    If the rumours around the focus of the next Xbox are true (and lets face it, the pre-announcement rumours regarding the PS3 were fairly accurate), then MS are dead as a console manufacturer. If they keep pushing the 'do-all' casual side and step it up further in what 90% of potential consumers will still view as a games console, then they are screwed. Sony will destroy them.

    XBL account loyalty will also mean jack shit, because if the rumoured lack of BC comes to fruition then there will be no better time for an allegience reset for those who can afford only one console. On a personal level, I've stuck with the 360 despite the reliability problems (I'm on my fourth) purely because of my collossal 360 game library, the controller, and the (mostly) better quality multiformat games. Remove those advantages out of the equation, and add mandatory Kinect, superfulous non-gaming media functions, system specs again largely equal to or lesser than it's competitor, and a generally increased focus on the casual market and I'm out of there ASAP.

    A console generation 'reset' will mean that should MS even slightly fuck up - and from the rumours plus what we actually know means that is looking very, very likely - then Sony will dominate the market even more than they did with the PS1 or PS2, as the hardcore 360 owners looking to upgrade will never have a better opportunity to switch brands without any real sacrifice. And with the price of admission being so high, plus the recession, gamers will only go for what they want out of a console regardless of brand loyalty.

    Games sell game consoles, and currently only Sony seem to recognise this. If MS don't realise and carry on as they are, then they will go the way of Sega except without a string of great licenses to whore out.

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    Complete Bullshit. (See I can be a twat too ;) )

    Sony have the same anti-second hand sales systems going into their PS4 service. People seem to forget, consoles are sold at a loss and funded by a percentage of every game sale going to the console manufacturer. When Gamestop/Game sell a second hand game they get nothing.

    If you think they Kaz will continue to run Sony as a charity when they are absolutely broke you are smoking some top quality shit.
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