#9521456, By DodgyPast Advice sought on building a PC that can compete with next gen consoles (PS4, X720)

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    Roddles wrote:
    I'd definitely go for a vcore offset. Most of the power saving options (ie the ones that drop the Vcore) don't work if you choose a static vcore.

    To start with just do an offset that would equal 1.38V when you push it to load. You can fine tune it after that if you like.

    If you're happy then yeah, no need to fiddle. It's not like it's blowing up. It'll be helpful in the summer though.
    It is summer where I am, hit 41 degrees today.

    Not suffering half as much as I was last year despite it being a particular scorcher this year.

    I'll have a delve around the settings and see what I can do, reducing power usage would be nice.

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