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    Afternoon EGr's.

    I'm interested if any of you currently use and can recommend a Scart to HDMI converter.

    I already have a -
    HD Anywhere one.

    However it is prone to cutting out/dropping the signal for a split second. This causes major issues as I use it with a HD projector and when it looses the signal, even for a second, it then takes about 5 seconds for the PJ to lock on to the signal and display it again. This is a real pain for gaming.

    My main use for this is "retro" gaming, by which I mean any older console that outputs through Scart.

    My main joy is using it on the original XBox to play Steel Batallion on a 100" projector screen.

    Also whilst we are at it my existing one only works when the XBox is set to Pal 50hz. If I set the XBox to Pal 60hz it only displays in monochrome. To be honest I've no idea whether this makes a difference when running it through the Scart to HDMI converter but I do begrudge my missing hz.

    Any recommendations or advice ?

    As ever apologies if there is another thread on this but as usual the search wasn't too helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
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