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    Try to play games like other games. For example, I'll be disappointed that I can't flying swallow slash like in Ninja Gaiden whilst playing DmC. Then figuring out a workaround.

    If playing a racer, I choose to believe I'm actually playing a demolition derby game.

    If a game gives me a melee option, preferrably as hand-to-hand as possible, I WILL opt for that in all circumstances. Best example was my Fallout 3 character, called her Squinty McFacepain. A purplehaired, scrawny Scot female who did nothing but use unarmed and drink alchohol. Surpsingly effective when you had the ability to blow off all of their limbs - bit Fist of the North Star-ish.

    In fighters, I'll look at the current tier listings, pick the lowest tier character and try to win matches using them online.

    And in co-op games I will always, always go out of my way to fuck over a friend. Portal 2 infinite loops of supreme satisfaction.
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