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    Also about the SEALS, I imagine that's fairly standard. Special forces blokes were all over the Olympics here, and I think they have a regular team based in the capital for events.
    I don't think the military is supposed to meddle in police business are they?
    I don't know about America because their SWAT teams are fairly specialised, but over here the police aren't trained to military standards. I know that in Britain they have SF blokes that do stints in London for big events on the off chance it all kicks off.

    And even in the states seeing how fat some of their SWAT blokes are, I'm guessing their SEAL guys are a different calibre and it came to it (I'm thinking Mumbai style, which is much more possible in the states due to the availability of weapons) you'd want your best blokes. They don't interfere, the police just know they are there and can be used.
    There's a law that says the States cannot use military assets to enforce State laws. Usually referred to as Posse Comitatus.
    Bush repealed large chunks of it but then it got un-repealed by Obama, and then it got semi-un-un-repealed but only in the aftermath of disasters or major terrorist incidents.

    Therefore if I am understanding it correctly (and I think it is clear from the paragraph above that I am in no way an expert on American constitutional law) Navy Seals cannot be deployed in any kind of policing role within the United States.
    Again, I also don't know and I'm at risk of sounding like some armchair warrior debating stuff I don't know anything about. But since America will happily call in stuff like the National Guard for floods and disasters it makes sense that they could have SEAL teams on standby for large scale terrorist attacks. They are not really policing anything; they are just there for an emergency.

    I would be pretty shocked if they couldn't be utilised in the case of something like a Mumbai attack.

    But like you say, we'd really need a yank lawyer to come on and put us right.
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