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    magicpanda wrote:
    Those supposed Navy Seal chaps were a National Guard Civilian Support Team.
    Weasel, I looked up the act as you mentioned. Specifically exempt from it were

    'Support roles under the Joint Special Operations Command'

    I'm pretty sure that would allow people like the SEALS to be used, not for policing as you imagine it but ready for emergencies.

    Panda, those blokes could have been anyone, they could have been on the way to a comic convention, I have no idea. But if they were SF blokes, that is exactly the kind of bullshit cover you would give them (they could well be in a National Guard civilian Support Team but that isn't necessarily what their 9-5 is).

    Also I have seen yank SF, they love chad details and looking exactly like what they are, the punisher caps ring really true. I'm pretty sure some bloke would come out and say 'Look I'm this guy, I'm not a SEAL' - if that doesn't happen and you just get told they are on some support team then I'm guessing they some kind of sneaky beaky blokes and not national guard. You've seen the national guard, they are fat fuckers called Cleetus with wispy 'taches and glasses. If they're National guard I'll plat piss.

    Regardless of all that, I'd be really, really surprised if the whole of the US military was excluded from acting as emergency resources at big events, it would just make no sense. Can you imagine the outcry if an attack happened and the military said 'We wanted to help but weren't allowed'. I honestly don't buy that for a second.
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